Over the past few months, the Edgewater seniors have been sponsoring shows of local mountaineers. The first show was last April when they chose to start out with the big gun: The Life and Times of Conrad Kain presented by Pat Morrow, two very well-known mountaineers both from Wilmer. This show, of course, was very successful and sparked a lot of interest. 

After taking the summer off, they kicked off the new season this past November with the very entertaining film by David Goldsmith of renowned mountaineer Leo Grillmair and his remarkable life, and what an interesting, exciting, and sometimes rocky life it was!

Continuing on with the series, this year in February they featured Klondike Ken Dyck and his slide show of natural beauty. At this show, many breathtaking shots of our beautiful country were seen as Ken took us on a journey from southern Alberta near Waterton Park all the way up to the Arctic Ocean. It was very enjoyable.

The upcoming featured mountaineer is none other than the renowned Pat Morrow who will be presenting his show on March 8. There’s not much we can say about Pat that most of you don’t already know, including the fact that he has climbed mountains all over the world. He is the first person to climb the highest peaks in all seven continents. Very impressive. This is a show you won’t want to miss. Come and see Pat and his ski-mountaineering pictures at the hall in Edgewater on March 8 at 7 p.m. Enjoy refreshments and a visit with Pat after the show.

All shows are admission by donation.