Dear Editor:

The proposed mule deer cull in Invermere is unnecessary and expensive. These are Crown animals and were here long before we were.

This valley has many knowledgeable people who are experienced in exactly the type of solutions required to remedy this questionable problem. Theyre called ranchers, big game hunting guides, Rod and Gun Club members, old timers, etc.: people who care about the land and its wildlife.

Here you have at your doorstep (and free of consulting fee charges) all the knowledge and experience. In fact, some of these people have firsthand experience at collecting, transporting and relocating big game animals all over the valley.

In other words, it has been done before and successfully. Why kill these beasts when theyre easily and safely removed and relocated to Crown land to never return?

The Nature Conservancy is just down the road. With the help of volunteers, these animals could be collected, loaded in donated horse trailers, and moved anywhere, and for a fraction of the cost of the brutal cull.

The deer will not return. This was the case with elk and Bighorn sheep which were relocated a few years back. I can just see the public reaction if Radium proposed a cull of Bighorn sheep another Crown asset.

It seems a shame to waste 100 deer for a few tulips.

Bob Nemeth, Invermere