Dear Editor:

Was it only a year ago that the breaking news of the Liberation Treatment arrived on everyones lips? Hope had arrived in the form of Dr. Paulo Zamboni, a little known vascular surgeon from Ferrara, Italy. Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI) procedure had been born, and the black tunnel of fear was lifted for so many of us living with multiple sclerosis.

Dr. Zamboni now faces the world of neurologists and self-proclaimed aficionados on multiple sclerosis in a barrage of disbelief and disgrace. This seems to be the professional protocol of all doctors and scientists when a genius steps forward with an unprecedented discovery for mankind. Examples: Polio vaccine, Penicillin, washing your hands to fight disease … the list of disbelievers is long and embarrassing, but true.

I can speak of this firsthand because I am the proud recipient of the CCSVI procedure denied in Canada, which relieves many of the symptoms I and many others have struggled with for years. I have a quality of life back that many still deny is possible. I am living my liberation each and every day.

The dramatic change in my perspective on this disease and its hold on me is like night and day. No one can convince me otherwise. I am one more example that this doctor has made a remarkable and transformative discovery that thousands of patients will be able to improve with.

Dr. Ronald Colapinto from Toronto, Ontario pioneered angioplasty and the techniques to X-ray veins. This man changed all our lives. I am so grateful to this vascular radiologist, and his unfailing commitment to knowledge and excellence. Without him, the advances I have been able to enjoy never would have been possible. Without him and professionals like Dr. Zamboni who are willing to push traditional knowledge beyond what is currently understood, the fight against multiple sclerosis might still be a bleak and foreboding diagnosis.

Also, without the support of our family physicians I would only be talking about this treatment. I am so grateful for everyones support.

Jill Unger