At the all candidates forum prior to the last municipal election I raised a concern about our water quality. The candidates expressed vague ideas about how to address the problem but none of them had any definite answers. Mayor Taft asked to meet with me to discuss the situation after the election.

Mayor Taft looked for information on my concern and said he would follow up. The district then initiated a sampling project for which, three sites, one including our residence were selected. Three samplings were done, the results came back that, biologically, the water met the standards for safe water. The testing organization recognized that there was an odor issue.

The district suggested the installation of a blow off that would provide a better flushing of our line, which supposedly was a dead-end line. Further exploration determined that we are not on a dead-end line but connected to the main coming from Paddy Ryan pond. It was suggested that a point of entry filter be installed to rectify the problem. A charcoal filter was installed and cured the odor issue. When I change the filter I have an opportunity to see what is coming into our house. It is not pretty. Residents of the district of Invermere (DOI) purchase potable water. I do see ours as potable for part of the year. I have been told that a treatment system would be expensive. Many residents already pay an indirect surcharge for drinkable water. The surcharge is in the form of adding and maintaining filter systems, reverse osmosis systems, coolers and dispensers for bottled water.

The district also incurs costs to try to maintain the water quality. The DOI spends monies twice every year to flush the system. Staff power of at least two district employees is committed to the task. As well, thousands of litres are wasted to our storm water system. The cost of the flushing process includes salaries and the commitment of a DOI vehicle. Additional chlorine is also required throughout the flushing operation, also an added cost. I dont know if any cleanup is done at the inlet.When are we going to get what we are paying for drinkable water? There has been nothing done to my knowledge to determine the root cause of the problem of smelly water. How long are we going to pussy foot around the issue instead of dealing with it?


Milt Deck