By Kelsey Verboom

Pioneer Staff

An Invermere resident who bought a secondhand book from the Invermere Health Care Auxiliary Thrift Shop is hoping to reunite a family with a crinkled wedding photograph that fluttered from the pages of the book when she opened it.

Lucy Miller, who is married to District of Invermere councillor Al Miller, is a voracious reader and book collector. Her collection of books is vast, and she often buys books and puts them on her shelves at home to read at a later date.

About one year ago, Lucy bought a book from the Thrift Shop and stacked it in her to read pile. It wasnt until three weeks ago that she finally picked the book up and thumbed through its pages. When she cracked open the cover of the book, a creased, black-and-white photograph of a couple being married slid to the floor.

Lucy cant recall which book it was she was reading when the photo fell out, but she is hoping to find the couple, or the family of the couple, and reunite the picture of the intimate moment with its rightful owner.

It was just kind of sad that it was in there, especially since its a wedding photo, which probably means something to someone Lucy said.

There was no name in the book, or anything that would identify who the photo might belong to. Im not sure if someone was trying to save it and then forgot it between the pages, but I think it would be really neat if it could get reunited.

Especially if someone is looking for a particular piece of their history, maybe this can be the little piece of the puzzle theyre looking for.

If you have any further information about this photograph, please contact The Pioneer at 250-341-6299 or