Dear Editor:

I am responding to Doug Clovechoks recent Slurpee letter, in which he says that rival Norm Macdonalds MLA Reports give him worse pains than a cold drink on a hot day. Hmm, that describes the feelings Im left with when politicians of all stripes spit out their competitive vitriol, instead of giving me honest and kind information.

I first met Doug when he was still a Calgarian and considered him a thoughtful gentleman. I met Norm here in the valley back then, and felt the same way about him. Then I found that one of these men supports the preservation of fantastic nature areas like Jumbo, and the native group whose ancestors lived here, while the other wants to see it turned into a rich peoples playground, as do some members of a smaller native group whose ancestors only moved here. With ten grandchildren who love nature, which outlook would I support?

Bill Bennett has shown for years how BC Liberal politicians talk to their constituents who have the nerve to speak up for the protection of nature like a lawyer attacking them. Im sorry to see Doug taking lessons from Bill on this. For the sake of our regions nature, and for all nature-loving grandkids, I wont vote for a party hell-bent on sucking money out of our most fantastic natural treasures. And unlike you, Doug, Ive met lots of people in this area who find that Norm Macdonald represents them quite well. I do agree with your final words about the upcoming election: we have good reason to be optimistic and hopeful.

Adolf Hungrywolf

Kootenay River (near Skookumchuck)