Dear Editor:

On Saturday, March 23rd, NDP House Leader and Energy Critic John Horgan was on CKNW radio talking about the Kitimat refinery proposal being put forward by businessman David Black.

Its irresponsible to assume because the guy has an idea that its going to be successful, because thats not the track record of private sector investment, said Mr. Horgan.

Everybodys got a good idea; theres a sucker born every minute.

And this, more than any single utterance by any in the NDP, shows their complete misunderstanding of the real world of life and governance and what makes a province vibrant and available for working men and women you and me.

Can you imagine someone in any political party making such an ignorant statement?

Its frightening to say the least. And he is a candidate in some riding somewhere in B.C. Pity the poor NDP that their talent pool is such as shown above.

David Pacey

Radium Hot Springs