Dear Editor:

It is very easy to go on the offensive when you are up against a track record. Therefore one would have thought that John Horgans $1.6 million United Steelworkers of America handlers would have used the opportunity of a leaders debate to present alternatives and a vision for British Columbia.

Running Horgans cry-bully personality at full throttle, their primary strategy during the first debate was to have him serve up Trump-like come backs and tantrums over the voices of other candidates, so much so one could not make out any of the words being said.

During the second debate when asked how he would finance his plans for British Columbians, the abusive Mr. Horgan offered that he had a plan to form a plan? When asked about his anger management issues he excused himself because he was Irish. Heaven help us!

Horgans bullying tactics and his scant understanding of finance convinced me that I will not vote for the opportunistic Mr. Taft here in Columbia River Revelstoke.

Ordinarily I would say a change in government can be a positive thing, but change for the sake of a bloodletting is short term relief and usually leads to more bullying.

Ask ourselves what is really being proposed? Do you want anger-management Horgan and his multinational/American Union bosses and their global affiliate the American Federation of Labour in every aspect of our lives? Where will this leave B.C. forest workers? Where will this leave non-union workers and small business? Where will this leave the environment?

I encourage everyone to vote but please use your vote to put this rude ideologue to the back benches until he calms down.

Peter Christensen

Radium Hot Springs