Brenda Valer and Kayle Prichard are the owners of KaBre Candle & Bath co. They have created a line of natural, handmade products that will delight your sense of smell. After delaying the opening due to COVID-19, they are now ready for their store’s grand opening on Friday, Oct. 9, just in time for Thanksgiving long weekend.

Their journey started one and a half years ago when they took a candle making course in Calgary. The duo fell in love with the process and returned a home with thousands of dollars worth of equipment and products to start their own business. They tested and tried different scents and products for four months before they started selling their craft products.

The candles are soy-based. Why? “It’s cleaner burning. There’s no suiting like there is with paraffin. You don’t get the black smoke,” said Brenda. Candles come with a natural cotton wick or wood wick. KaBre Candle Bath co. also offers the option to customize the label for any occasion or company.

Once they got comfortable with candle making, the duo decided to take another course, in soap making this time. “It’s not something you can just jump into, which we thought we could. We learned a lot in the last year and a half. We’re still learning, of course. You never quit learning.”, said Brenda. Since then, they have created a full range of products for your bath time such as soap, bath bomb, bath salts, shower steamer, shampoo and conditioner bar. “It’s just the quality of ingredients in it that it’s amazing for your hair,” said Kayle.

The energetic duo was at the Invermere farmer market all summer long for a second year and they have already built a clientele that regularly returns for their products.

The store is located beside the Travel World, at 4-755 13th Street, Invermere. It will be open starting before the Thanksgiving long weekend. It is also possible to order online at, pickup in-store or delivery option. For requests and inquiries, contact the shop at [email protected].