A public hearing last week on a proposed bylaw that will allow for a planned new development on the north end of Columbia Lake drew few people.

Approximately 10 people went to the public hearing held on Thursday, May 7th at Fairmont Hot Springs.

“It was kind of a non-event; there weren’t many people there and nobody was opposed to us,” said developer Dave Rae, adding the land is currently zoned for commercial uses, such as a hotel or resort, and the proposed bylaw would change the zoning to residential.

“I think people are fine with it,” said Rae.

The bylaw will likely come up again at the next Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) board of directors meeting in three weeks time, but even if it’s adopted, Rae says there probably won’t be too much construction activity this summer.

“We’ll start the rough-in, but we won’t actually build until 2016. That’s our intent, but with the market you never know,” he said.

Valley resident Bob Coy, who neighbours the development, was the only person to speak at the hearing and said he’s supportive of the project.

“It’s good for the valley to keep moving forward. We need people,” said Coy, speaking to The Valley Echo the day after the hearing. “I support Dave.He’s my neighbour and I support the development as long as it doesn’t include building a marina. We’ve got a great lake.”

The still-unnamed subdivision-style development would be on the northwest corner of Columbia Lake, near Columere, and would encompass 17 lots with single family residences on 17.84 acres. The proposed bylaw would permit up to 25 single family residential parcels on the land, although Rae is only

planning for 17.