Dear Editor:

I am a Canadian citizen, and the news about the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline set to be laid from Alberta to Kitimat in order to sell oil to China concerns me greatly. I have a much better idea that will benefit all Canadians, and perhaps Americans too: keep the oil in Canada and let Canadians benefit from their resources.

All that oil in Alberta can keep our cars and trucks rolling for many years, maybe centuries. Gasoline prices could be lowered substantially.

When I came to Canada in 1957, I drove my Oldsmobile at a cost of 30 cents per imperial gallon. I read The Betrayal of Canada by Mel Hurtig, and what he says is stunning. Former prime minister Brian Mulroney allowed Canadas national resources to come under foreign control by his famous free trade deal back in 1983.

Heres president Ronald Reagans quote after he signed the agreement: This agreement will provide enormous benefits for the United States. It will remove all Canadian tariffs, secure improved access to Canadas market for our manufacturing, agriculture, high technology and financial sectors, and improve our security through additional access to Canadian energy supplies. We have also gained important investment opportunities in Canada.

I congratulate prime minister Brian Mulroney.

Finn Haldrup,