Pamela Howse has spent 18 years helping others care for themselves. The massage therapist, yoga teacher, reiki instructor and life coach is combining her areas of expertise in her new venture: Shasta Wellness Studio.

“I am very passionate about helping other people on their health and wellness journeys,” she said. “In order to feel better physically we need to start to look at a holistic approach… It leads to better households and better relationships when you have that balance between physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.”

Ms. Howse is excited to provide a safe and comfortable environment where her clients and students are empowered “to do their own self-healing work and develop that self-care practice.”

To support them along the way, Shasta Wellness Studio offers 13 classes a week, along with massage, reiki, facials, body treatments and a variety of special events, such as concerts and presentations. Ms. Howse said she is already looking to expand programs and opportunities to invite the community in.

She is particularly interested in helping those with physical challenges take good care of themselves, which is why she offers adaptive yoga for those with limited mobility on Mondays and Wednesdays.

“If you can breathe, you can do yoga,” she said.

She also has “the ability and training” to work with students who are critically ill or recovering from cancer treatments and offers gentle and compassionate support.

Instead of simply teaching poses, Ms. Howse wants to help her students grow in all ways and find whatever it is they may be seeking, whether it’s a deeper sense of spirituality, relaxation or healing.

“We need to have a place where people can go and get to know themselves on a spiritual level but not have it defined for them. Just open the door for them to seek out what helps them to feel more spiritually fulfilled or aligned,” she said.

That kind of spirituality can take any form, Ms. Howse said, adding that “pampering yourself is spiritual on one level” since going for a massage or a reiki treatment, taking a yoga class or receiving a facial can help her clients relax and better connect with themselves.

For more information, she invites prospective students and clients to visit, follow the studio on Facebook or pop by in real life for a class, a treatment or a mug of tea.