By Steve Hubrecht
[email protected]

Boaters out on Columbia Lake are bound to see new reminders of a long standing speed limit on the southeastern corner of the lake.

The eight marker buoys put in place recently by the Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) outline a maximum speed of 10 kilometre per hour.

“It mirrors the Columbia Lake Wildlife Management Area,” RDEK Development services manager Andrew McLeod told the Pioneer, adding the federal regulations are in place to help protect sensitive habitat and species at risk.

The speed limit has been in effect for Columbia Lake since 2001, but a few years ago, when Transport Canada was in the Columbia Valley, the federal agency asked the RDEK to put up the markers to increase awareness about the restriction, explained McLeod.

The 10 kilometre-per hour limit applies within 100 m of the shoreline on the east side (marked by five buoys) and at the south end of the lake (marked by three buoys). 

In the next few months, the RDEK will also post educational and regulatory signs around the lake to give more information about the speed limit. 

“We all recognize how many important sensitive areas there are around Columbia Lake, and these buoys will be a clear visual reminder of the need to slow down to protect them,” said. McLeod.