By Matthew Brummitt

Columbia Valley Arts

This summer, the Invermere MusicFest will be joining the ranks of great festivals in the valley on Sunday, August 4th.

With the stage set on Kinsmen Beach, and with Lake Windermere as a backdrop, the setting for the music festival alone is already a worthy experience, and with the addition of a great musical line-up, the first Invermere MusicFest is assuredly going to be an experience to be had.

There will be an assortment of food vendors providing a selection of delightful and delicious cuisine. And, of course, whereas no music festival can be complete without a beer garden, the folks at Arrowhead Brewery will be quenching the thirst of the tune-soaked festival-goers with their brews.

Arrowhead Brewery uses all natural ingredients to brew their five tasty craft beers. Feel free to swing by the brewery, off Athalmer Road near the crossroads, to do some pre-emptive research.

The lineup will have jazz-blues singer Shakura SAida as the main act, and will feature electric rock orchestra Plastic Acid, as well as a handful of local talent and several other artists to be named.

Toronto-based Shakura SAida is an international artist who has been enriching the Canadian music scene for almost 25 years. Her soulful voice takes jazz, blues and R&B to a new realm. Find out more at

The electrified orchestral Plastic Acid takes classical and rock music to a whole new world. With a new fantastic point of view redefining symphony music with their fully electrified symphony orchestra, Plastic Acid certainly conducts some serious business.

Ticket sales have begun regular $40 with an early bird discount of $5 (cost of $35) until July 25th. Pick up your tickets around Invermere at The Book Bar, Syndicate Boardshop, Arrowhead Brewery or at Pynelogs Art Gallery and

Cultural Centre.

For more information call Pynelogs at 250-342-4423, visit our website,, or find us on Facebook as

Invermere Music Fest.