HUMAN NATURE  Aleksandra Savinas work, shown here, will be on display at the Artym Gallery as of April 20th. Submitted photo

HUMAN NATURE Aleksandra Savinas work, shown here, will be on display at the Artym Gallery as of April 20th.Submitted photo

By Deanna Berrington

Artym Gallery

Its human nature to crave the new, the unexpected and the unknown. While the familiar is comforting and often great, sometimes our souls crave the thrill of something different. The Artym Gallery is pleased to present a show celebrating five new artists to the gallery: Jose Forest, Shaul Kosman, Branko Marjanovic, Michael Rozenvain and Aleksandra Savina.

Jose Forest was originally trained as a mechanical engineer, making her huge floral paintings a bit of a surprise. She creates beautiful lines in the huge petals she paints with dew glistening, capturing the softness and grace of each individual flower. These large paintings of oversized flowers are incredibly realistic, drawing the viewer in with their fine detail.

The work of Shaul Kosman celebrates music and form, combining rich textures and earthy colours with funky and whimsical forms. His work exudes both playfulness, and sophistication borne of over 30 years of painting experience.

The most local artist of the show, Alberta painter Branko Marjanovic paints local landscapes with a bright palate and broad brush strokes. He draws deeply from local landscape for inspiration, painting locations all over the Banff and Kootenay National Parks, the foothills, the Kananaskis and even back alleys in Calgary. These familiar areas are captured with Brankos dramatic palate and distinctive use of light and dark contrast.

The two remaining artists are a couple, and while each has a distinctive technique and style, they obviously each find inspiration in the others work. Aleksandra Savina uses square brushstrokes to create windows into another world a forest path, or a couple walking in the rain with umbrellas. Her works are a fascinating mosaic that come together as a composition only when you view them from a distance. Her partner, Michael Rozenvain, paints European street scenes that bustle with movement, sound and activity. His cafe scenes are a snapshot of special moments, both glamorous and comforting, while his style remains sophisticated and refreshingly impressionistic.

See whats new at the Artym Gallery this Saturday, April 20th; the show opens at 10 a.m. and will remain on the walls until April 28th. Mr. Marjanovic will be in attendance at the gallery for the Saturday opening from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. All the new pieces can be seen online now at You can find the Artym Gallery on facebook, and follow them on twitter @ArtymGallery .