FITNESS FAMILY Left to right: Eric Rogers, 4-month-old Lacey Rogers, TC Rogers, and Kelty Edwards have moved their business, Glacier Peaks Gymnastics, into the large white tent near Invermere. Photo by Kristian Rasmussen

By Kristian Rasmussen

Pioneer Staff

A gymnastics company has arrived in the Columbia Valley and is looking to execute a perfect roundoff of private business and not-for-profit community sport.

The all-new Glacier Peaks Gymnastics Centre is opening the large white tent just north of Invermere on Capilo Way, September 24th. It will feature a brand-new 7,800 square foot gymnastics hub, which will occupy one third of the facility. The remaining space is currently open as a non-profit multi-sport facility.

This really is the best location because it is centrally located in the valley between Radium and Canal Flats, said TC Rogers, coach and co-owner of the Glacier Peaks Gymnastics Centre. This facility is going to offer kids all the way from the age of walking up to a senior level the ability to participate in our program.

Mrs. Rogers, who has been coaching for 23 years, got the momentum rolling on her latest venture when she approached the Columbia Valley Gymnastics Club and inquired about becoming a coach. She learned that coaches were tough to find and the clubs Radium gymnastics facility was in need of new equipment.

The coach suggested to the club that she and her husband, Eric, would purchase the equipment and open up a club of her own, supplemented with brand-new equipment.

The Columbia Valley Gymnastics Club was really excited about the idea, she said. They wanted to make sure that gymnastics would always be offered in the valley.

The new facility will feature vault bars, a balance beam and floor, a competitive-sized new trampoline with a protective safety mechanism, and a dance floor.

Beyond the flips and tumbles of the gymnastic centre, the Rogers will be offering the rest of their facility for equally athletic community groups and sports teams.

The multi-sport aspect of the complex will be run entirely non-profit, with all rental fees going directly towards improving the facility and paying for utilities and rent.

The family is also exploring the idea of installing a turf soccer field inside the building with the help of local sports groups. The Rogers are also considering adding outdoor baseball diamonds and a football field around the facility.

It really is going to have to be up to the community to see what will go in there, she added.

When the facility opens Mrs. Rogers will be adding her expertise as a nationally certified level three and four womens coach, a level two mens coach, and a level two trampoline and tumbling coach.

I think that the biggest excitement I get is when I have a kid who has never done anything like this, has low self esteem, and isnt able to do what they want to do, she said. All of a sudden they come into the sport and they get their confidence built up and learn skills they never thought were possible.

For more information, go or contact TC Rogers at 250-270-0273.