Submitted by Cajsa Fredin

Executive Director & Gallery Manager

There’s a lot to be said about things slowing down this time of year, giving the Valley time to settle into the introspective pace of the midseason while we wait for snow and speed on the slopes and the sharp cold air biting at your lungs on lap one of the Whiteway. 

It is always exciting that change, even if summer is what suits you, bringing with it the new settled in the familiar. Such is the work of plein air painter Maris Mosenko, whose on-site paintings brilliantly captures those innuendoes of change in an expressive stillness that embodies the philosophy of being present in the moment. 

As a plein air artist, Mosenko packs up a unique set of equipment specialized for on site work with a backpack full of sandwiches and settles into the quiet of nature, a connection communicated in bold strokes of color that capture the intimacy in the greatness of adventure. Mosenko explains plein air work “gets me outside, and keeps me connected with nature and being excited about color, tonal values, composition, perspective…and [in] appreciation of the beautiful world around me.” 

From now until Dec. 23, adventure on and join us in the gallery as Mosenko takes us out into the landscapes around us, backpack full of sandwiches optional. Mosenko will be in the gallery on Dec. 4 from 1 to 4 p.m. doing a plein air demonstration and a drop in class still life painting class; visit our website for more details. 

We are also excited to be showing the unique collection of Charleen and Chris Evans, who have generously donated their personal art collection for sale with proceeds going to the Chris Evans memorial bursary at David Thompson Secondary School. View the collection on our Facebook page and in the gallery, featuring a large selection of local and personal family pieces for sale. Chris was passionate about investing in the community and culture and was a big believer in giving back to the town, and with this sale we are excited to continue to bring his passion and enthusiasm for art to the community.  

New this November, Columbia Valley Arts has Drop in Art, happening Tuesday and Thursdays at Pynelogs from 1–4 p.m. Join us as we learn to paint, draw or get tips from on site artist Irina for your freewheeling style. Supplies available or bring your own. Visit our website for more details. 

And, while the festive season is a bit of a way away, it’s never too early for a winter market as we welcome the Artists from Art in the Park at Pynelogs on Nov. 26-27, sharing their talents with us with their beautiful items up for sale. 

Remember what we said about things slowing down this time of year? Well, I guess we are waiting on that also, along with all that snow. See you on the slopes, or maybe just hanging out in the sun, drinking some hot chocolate.

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