Dear Editor:

In your October 23rd issue, you printed a letter from Rowena Eloise of Argenta, B.C. regarding the Jumbo Glacier Resort.

In her letter, Ms. Eloise stated that the resort obtained an injunction against the Citizens for Democracy camp at the Farnham Glacier.

Thats incorrect Glacier Resorts Ltd. did apply for an injunction, but later realized the Citizens had a good solid defence, so it asked the judge for an indefinite adjournment.

The judge granted the request for adjournment but stipulated that if Glacier Resorts Ltd. wants to re-instate its legal action in the future, then senior vice president Grant Costello will have to appear at the hearing and will be subject to cross examination.

I repeat no injunction against the Citizens for Democracy has ever been issued.

Jim Galloway, Brisco