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on our website, www.columbiavalleypioneer.com and is in response to the July 6th story, Teachers vote yes to new two-year contract.

Dear Editor:

Is it just me, or does it not seem that the teachers big-box union is not understanding that mediation is bargaining? Do they not understand that a province without the capital in the coffers cannot, and should not, spend billions for one special-interest group versus $2.6 million in health benefits?

Mind you, this is through mediation that was brought in to allow cooler, calmer rational thought processes to be injected into the process. You know, the government that doesnt have the money, and the union/big business that is already crying because they did not get their much sought-after cookies. Doesnt it remind you of some of those grandkids and kids out there whining about not getting what they want, when they want it because they deserve their cookie NOW!?

Mind you, this is after negotiations over a year or two period, remember. The much-touted great union negotiators seem to have run up against a government that simply said, we dont have the money (remember the teachers demanding/asking for a 15 per cent wage increase?), and the government officials sticking to their principles and empty bank account and saying NO!

David Pacey