Dear Editor:

We grew up on a mixed farm near Kamloops, B.C. and our family always respected the wildlife and the environment. As a child, I learned from my father to look after the wildlife; he would throw hay over the fence where the cattle couldnt get it for the more than 50 mule deer and a few moose that wintered at our place.

We grew up always supporting clubs that protected wildlife and the environment. Yes, we were and still are hunters, but we respect the laws of hunting and always eat all that we harvest.

When the bikers were hosting the Singletrack 6 (mountain bike race) here, we were approached to let them use our field to stage the event. We supported the bikers, hundreds of trucks and trailers all over our property. I am glad to say that the event was a great success.

So we are not opposed to the bikers, we are opposed to them wanting to cover every inch of Crown land with a spider web of bike trails with no respect to wildlife, environment, other users, or nearby landowners.

This area of proposed trails at Barbour Rock and Neave Creek is a very environmentally sensitive, important wildlife area, and a quiet and peaceful place to hike up onto the crags for a wonderful view of the valley.

Yes, some quads use the area (mostly respectfully).

All we are asking is no new trails in this area hike up to the viewpoints, stay away from wetlands and sensitive creek areas and no more rogue trails being built.

The Johnson and Kloosifier trails are an example of how everyone and everything avoids hundreds of bikers. Please let the Toby Benches enjoy this small, lightly used area around Barbour Rock and Neave Creek in peace and join us on the existing trails, just not in mass.

Norman Hendricks

Lake Lillian, Toby Benches