Dear Editor:

In response to the article that was written in last weeks (September 6th) Pioneer by Andrew Watt (Second Opinion, page 16), I am appalled and saddened that you allowed this to be posted. If it was meant to be tongue in cheek, I just dont get your humour, Mr. Watt. I really do not find it funny whatsoever.

How is it that you can distinguish one per cent of 100 per cent of the people who seem to set you off so much that in your article you call them zeroes? How can you make statements like If I gave discounts to the mentally ill, your purchase would be free?

Is there a formula you use? Wow, business must be booming. You go on to list other statements about your customers that are out of line, disrespectful, and downright hurtful. I for one would never consider shopping in your dungeon where you have so much time to drum up so many negative thoughts of your customers.

May I remind you these customers are people too. They took the time to visit your so-called store but after reading your article, I sure wont.

I have always enjoyed the people of this valley, in fact, I have always supported the hard-working retailers alike. However, in this case, I think you have gone overboard with your seedy thoughts you even stated that some of these are things you have said or wished you had said already to your customers really?

I guess I must be in that one per cent group that you feel are all zeroes. Not funny.

Ralph Barrie

Windermere / Calgary