Dear Editor:

It seems the relentless march of the bureaucrats continues. The residents of Dry Gulch and Wilmer have now been told that we are to participate in a planning process for what can only be a hidden agenda.

I cannot speak for Dry Gulch, although I gather that voters incurred the wrath of Regional District of East Kootenay by turning down a proposed grant for a water system.

In the case of Wilmer the issue of planning is a complete boondoggle.

Wilmer does not need a planning process. It is surrounded by the wetlands, agricultural land and forestry, all of which are exempt from any kind of development leaving the Benchlands, which have been a thorn in the side of the regional district for some time. Wilmer also has the Wilmer Water Works District, without whose approval any kind of development is impossible. So why do we need yet another layer of useless government intervention and yet another useless bylaw?

I am told that the regional district has enacted over two thousand bylaws. Perhaps they could keep the bureaucracy busy by enforcing some of these arcane laws rather than dreaming up new ones.

Alan Farmer, Wilmer