Dear Editor:

My wife and I have been members of the Valley Fitness Centre and the Invermere Library for over ten years. Both serve to enhance the quality of life in the valley, providing enviable services to both the residents and vacation homeowners.

The evolution of a new Community Centre will be a welcome addition to the area and a welcome assistance to groups that are struggling with funding and/or space constraints.

The library is one of those organizations struggling with space and the ability to expand services. The Valley Fitness Centre has neither of those problems. It has adequate space (some under-utilized), owns its own building, has the advantage of ample parking and space, and has been financially sound for most years.

Then why will they even entertain the idea of moving? To my knowledge, Mr. Galloway and his board elected by the membership have not asked the members their thoughts on the idea. As well, what would happen to the proceeds of the sale of the building?

If our vote were to be asked for, with the lack of information from the board to the members, we would vote no on the Fitness Centre move and support moving the library as a priority as it services a broader range of valley residents, both permanent and vacationers.

Rod and Christine Turnbull