Dear Editor:

Nurses are a vastly under-appreciated profession. Just having spent four days in the Kelowna General Hospital recuperating from spinal surgery, I am more aware than ever how overworked and undercompensated they are.

The nurses were the brightest spot in an otherwise arduous experience. They were endlessly patient and caring, compassionate, efficient, knowledgeable, etc. with me and with all the other patients in the ward full of people recuperating from body trauma and in great pain and helplessness.

I wish we could all lobby our government to make the nursing profession in B.C. more appealing, so that there could be more nurses, better paid and working shorter hours.

I understand they are the lowest paid in the country. Shameful for a rich province like ours. Obviously, the government has other priorities; we need to change that. Thank you to nurses everywhere.

Ellen Zimmerman