Diamond, Douglas HUGH

Douglas Hugh Diamond, AKA (Hugh) passed away on October the 15th 2023 in Invermere hospital, with his loving Fiancé and son by his side. Hugh was born in Port Perry Ontario to Alex and Sylvia Diamond. Hugh was raised on a 100- acre farm in Port Perry with his three brothers Bill, Mike, and Pat along with their sister Denise.

Hugh grew up as a farm boy, getting in Duke boy trouble. He would later get a job in the General Motors plant in Oshawa before his adventurous spirit took him West to British Columbia. While he was in BC Hugh became a high lead logger and after spending some time in woods, he knew there was no going back to factory work for him. Before long Hugh became a hooktender and he knew he found his calling. One evening, Hugh found himself in the Kent Hotel and bar, in Agassiz BC. It was there that he met Sylvia Lee-Anne Smith, AKA (Lee-Anne). The two fell in love, and after a few moths Hugh and Lee-Anne moved in together. The couple got married in Edgewater Anglican Church in 1978 and had their first and only child Doug a year later. The three of them lived a short time in Vancouver, then Lyle Island, before renting numerous homes up and down Vancouver Island, continuing to look for greener pastures.

Later in life Hugh and Lee-Anne found themselves moving to Edgewater to be close to his wife’s ailing parents and ended up living in their family home after they passed. They made a home for themselves in Edgewater, with their son Doug usually close by. Over time the couple began to grow roots and amassed a number of close friends. On December 23rd 2017, Lee-Anne Passed away due to medical complications. Shortly after, Hugh’s son Doug and Hugh’s good friend Dave lived together in Lee-Anne’s family home for a couple of years, before Hugh found his last love Doris Thierbach. Hugh ended up moving in with Doris and the two were engaged to be married, before his untimely passing.

Hugh had a brutalist style of charm that made him many friends and even more laughs. He was a great storyteller that would have you hanging on his every word and was the first to help someone that was down and out. Hugh is survived by his son Doug, his fiancé Doris, his grandsons Kuruk and Kohen, his brother Pat, his nephews Kenton and Lee and his niece Michelle. Hugh had many loved ones that will miss him dearly. His family will be having a Celebration of Life for him close to his birthday in late November which will be advertised as it nears.

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