Sgt. Don W. Nicholson

December 28, 1930 -
June 28, 2018

Singing each morning out of each night, dad sure enjoyed every given moment of his life. Service to others and to his country he felt being the highest form of good that could be aspired to. He was a police officer but tried to be more of a “peace” officer in his many community postings throughout BC. Always trying to rise above the many common calamities and challenges, equally presented to us all. Joy was his song, and everyday he made a conscious decision to be happy; to make the best of it despite the circumstances.

He found innate good humour in many of our most human trials and tribulations. In his 27 adventurous years with the RCMP, he saw the best of people and he saw the worst in people. However, he always believed that there was some good in everyone and he never gave up on that belief; always giving people the benefit of a doubt till proven otherwise and was open to forgiveness.

His cheerfulness was contagious. People liked being around our laughing funny dad, and he liked them back and relished any opportunity to meet and know all types and stripes of people and delighted in all of their unique gifts. Towards his fellow man and all of our fellow creatures, great and small, he had an infinite capacity for empathy, kindness and generosity. Growing up during the depression and wartime, he was frugal to a fault.

A “Jack of all trades”, he learned by doing for yourself to make do and to make the most of what you had. He loved our “Mother Earth” and all her living things and was often found with his hands in the dirt growing an abundant vegetable garden. Many glad days were spent pursuing the wonders of the great outdoors. Whether it was hiking, fishing or camping, he found great solace in nature. He had a tremendous passion for acquisitions, salvaging from the local landfill many useful things to re-purpose into ongoing projects and in the building of his rustic log home on Swansea.

He loved his family most of all. His beloved Margie and children Lori and Robert; a series of family dogs, all with whom he shared many a wild mountain adventure. He loved his exceptional sister Doris (Fran Garrett) of Lindsay, ON and his accomplished brother Allen (Linda Nicholson) of Peterborough, ON. He so enjoyed his extended Ritchie family of in-laws; and all of his impressive nieces and nephews; his numerous friends and fellow cronies, past and present. He was proud to know and love you all, and we him.

Marg and Don Nicholson’s Celebration of Life will be held on Saturday, September 22nd, 1-4 pm at the CPR Lodge, Invermere, BC.

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