My wife and I are new to the valley. Sort of. We really like it. My wife doesn’t like to bake. I like to eat baking. Random? Hold tight.

I always wanted to be a fireman. After a rewarding career elsewhere, I finally made it to the service,  the fire service. The folks at the Radium Fire Department are quite awesome. The practices are relevant. We serve the public emphatically. It’s all good.

But the reason I go to practice once a week has less to do with all of the above. At practice number one, a plate of Nanaimo bars sat at the back of the room. Not shy, I helped myself. Nice touch, I thought. Next practice, cinnamon buns. Are you kidding me? Seeing a trend? Yup. Every practice, fresh baking. Last week, apple pie. Come on!

The beautiful baked goodies are provided by a couple of lovely ladies whom I do not know. They have baked for years for the fire department because, apparently, they wanted to contribute, but felt they couldn’t do the firefighter “physical stuff.”

I’m certain that this disclosure being made public will rub some local fire departments wrong. I just wanted our “friends in flour” to know that they are so, so appreciated. Your gesture is thoughtful, kind, and often warm.

I love this place. I love my wife. But I am leaving her. After supper every Monday for a couple hours.

Carey Collin, Radium Hot Springs