L to R: Andrew Patterson (Car Whisperer), Michelle Rievaj (Front Seat Driver), Aaron Van de Kemp (The Big Wheel), Nancy Newhouse (NCC).

L to R: Andrew Patterson (Car Whisperer), Michelle Rievaj (Front Seat Driver), Aaron Van de Kemp (The Big Wheel), Nancy Newhouse (NCC).

By James Rose

Special to the Pioneer

The state of the environment resonates strongly with the owners and employees of Invermeres Cleanline Automotive.

Through several different initiatives, the company does what it can to help reduce their business impact on Mother Nature. All while offering full service repairs on any vehicle make or model.

Their use of EcoPower re-refined motor oil serves as an example. This particular type of motor oil is made from reclaimed motor oil, which can be refined, recycled and reused indefinitely.

EcoPower takes up to 85 per cent less energy to produce than oil refined from crude, and exceeds all North American standards for engine protection said Cleanline co-owner Stephanie Van de Kemp.

Whats more, in conjunction with their use of EcoPower motor oil, Cleanline subsequently formed a partnership with the Invermere based Canadian Rocky Mountains office of the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). We attended some of the local NCC events and felt that our values really aligned with their mission, said Mrs. Van de Kemp.

And after meeting with the NCC team, an agreement was made after brainstorming ways to further benefit the environment.

For every oil change we do using EcoPower, we donate a dollar to the Nature Conservancy of Canada, commented Mrs. Van de Kemp.

It is really great to have the support of local businesses not only because of the funding support they provide, but also because they help us to build our name recognition within the community, said NCC Canadian Rocky Mountains pogram manager Nancy Newhouse.

Funds donated from Cleanline helps us with all aspects of our work, from securing important lands for Nature Conservancy to stewarding these lands forever, she said.

Local projects in the Columbia Valley under Nature Conservancy stewardship include the Marion Creek Benchlands, the Hoodoos, and Columbia Lake-Lot 48.

We manage these lands and waters for their natural values and for the long term, said Ms. Newhouse.

The customer reaction to Cleanlines use of the more environmentally friendly motor oil has also been positive. Our customers are very environmentally conscious and they share our passion for the green oil change, said Mrs. Van De Kemp.

Customers have also been surprised to find that EcoPower is priced comparatively with other motor oils derived directly from crude oil.

People often assume that green means more expensive. In our experience, this is often untrue. The EcoPower oil came in at the same price as the traditional motor oil, commented Mrs. Van de Kemp.

Cleanline is also proud of other green initiatives they have undertaken.

From very early on we realized that there were some seriously toxic products in automotive shops, said Mrs. Van de Kemp.

And so as a result, Cleanline has removed those types of products for their shop and replaced their solvents and lubricants with non-toxic alternatives.

I think todays consumers are doing their homework. Theyre holding businesses accountable. So for our customers, our green initiatives are an added value to the service they are receiving, said Mrs. Van de Kemp.