Dear Editor:

With reference to your photograph, Lady leaning on a car, 1968 …(re: Historical Lens in the November 20th Pioneer), that car is a 1961 Ford Anglia which happens to be the Enchanted Car in the Harry Potter movies.

Bud Cleland delivered the car in 1961 to Madeline from Heninger Motors in Calgary when Heninger was an import franchise (now Heninger Toyota). When Madelines house burned down, the car was bought by Tracy Riches, and I bought the car from Tracy.

It is sitting in my garage right now. I have just replaced the fuel pump and it will be ready to go as good as new (well, almost). Many valley children had their photos taken in it when we had the Harry Potter new book release parties at Invermere Community Hall, sponsored by All Things Beautiful. Memorable times.

Ray Picton