By Camille Aubin
[email protected]

I can’t believe my time as editor of the Pioneer has already ended.

It would be an understatement to say that this year was not what I envisioned. When I took on this role, I thought that everything would eventually return to normal. Obviously, I was wrong! But still, I had a fabulous time as editor while the Pioneer staff and I adapted to new circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Columbia Valley has undergone unbelievable changes since my start at the Pioneer. Due to staff shortages and new restrictions often imposed at the last minute, many businesses struggled to stay open. It was challenging to cope with the stress of the unknown, but we learned to help each other and ensure that everyone had everything they needed to get through this challenging period.

The Pioneer reported in the midst of it all. We did our very best to provide newsworthy and valuable content, notwithstanding complex circumstances. While the pandemic has created many changes, it hasn’t stopped us from producing a weekly newspaper that we can be proud of.

My time at the Pioneer has given me a lifetime’s worth of lessons, and the opportunities I’ve had there have been priceless. The editorials and features I have written were on topics that are dear to my heart and, I hope, to yours as well. It has been a great pleasure learning, reflecting, and ultimately, writing. Many fascinating people shared incredible stories with me, and I got to see amazing organizations that strive to achieve their missions.

I may have called the Columbia Valley my home for only a short time, but it was good to live there! I will undoubtedly miss the local trails, as well as my favorite coffee shop. I will also miss being part of this community where people help and take care of each other first. I have rarely witnessed acts of mutual aid and kindness like the many I have had as a spectator here in the valley.

Life is full of surprises! It transforms us and fortunately allows us to evolve. And sometimes, we have to embrace all the changes that are coming our way. For now, life brings me back to Québec for many great adventures to come.

My heart will forever be in the mountains, which is why I am persuaded this is just a temporary goodbye.