Cheers & Jeers August 22nd

Highs and lows in the Valley this week

Cheers to all the Garden Volunteers at Columbia House.

Jeers to my owners for letting me out everyday to go to the bathroom by myself. I know I am a good dog and I always come back home, but when you’re not watching, I go poop in the public green spaces and pathways, and in my neighbour’s yards. We live in such a beautiful town and since I’m only a dog I can’t pick up after myself. My poop smells really bad and it’s a health hazard for the kids that step and ride their bikes in it. Please be responsible and watch me when I go out and clean up after me so that everyone can enjoy our beautiful town.

Big Cheers to Jeremy, the Golf Pro at Riverside Golf Course at Fairmont Hot Springs, for his excellent skills in teaching our 5 year old grandson the basics of golfing during the Saturday morning Little Fairmonsters golf camp. His cheery, encouraging and fun-loving manner was greatly appreciated by the little golfers, parents, and grandparents alike.

Cheers to the Miners and the Loggers who send their products to the world. You are the economic backbone of this Valley.

Jeers to whoever tried to steal the quad at Valley Spas. We have you on camera, it’s just a matter of time!

Cheers to Trevor and Kyra for the GREAT job you do in making the members feel appreciated. You have gone above and beyond this year and we have noticed.

A special Cheers to Eva for making Satin Pillow Cases for the residents at Columbia House.

Cheers to a great Neighbour and friend, Bob Kochorek, A Community Charity Volunteer, maintaining the Windermere Beach, Repairs to Community Center, clearing snow from the side walks and driveways during the winter months, Visitation’s to sick neighbours, recently when several Neighbours required medical operations Bob jumped in to help maintained yards and gardens and what was needed without requesting. It was very much appreciated. What an asset Bod is to the Community of Windermere… one Big Cheers to Bob!

Jeers to the rampant number of drivers who have been tailing my kid who is learning to drive. The red L is there for a reason and so is the yellow sign on top of the driver’s ed car. It is disgusting that experienced drivers can’t use common courtesy and BACK OFF.

Cheers to Justin Trudeau for not apologizing over the SNC Lavalin affair and turfing the two female cabinet ministers. He has to show Canada that there is no room for justice and ethics in the federal Liberal Party.

Jeers to all the raw sewage Victoria BC dumps into the ocean, ruining the sea bed. Maybe they shouldn’t worry so much about other provinces and clean up BC’s own act!

Cheers to Bruce for his amazing music contributions over many years at Columbia House.

Big Cheers to the small painted rocks placed carefully along the Lakeview Meadows cart / walking path. The cheerfully painted designs with a few words of encouragement absolutely brightened our day. We look forward to looking at them on our dog walks. Much appreciated, a little cheer goes a long way.

A heartfelt CHEERS to the Village of Radium Hot Springs for their swift and diligent attention for ensuring our Village’s water treatment system is repaired in a timely manner and operating properly for providing us with the best drinking water in the Valley! Your communications and offered best practices during the brief outage was greatly appreciated.

Cheers & Jeers

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