Cheers & Jeers August 29th

Highs and lows in the Valley this week

Cheers to Justin Keitch! You are an amazingly talented graphic designer and always a pleasure to work with. Good luck in your future endeavors.

Cheers to the person who found my phone and left it where I could retrieve it after I put it on top of my truck and drove away like a fool. I owe you one!

CHEERS to Marlo and the lady who accompanies her. Marlo distributes the Valley Peak every Wednesday. She is very positive and friendly. I look forward to her weekly visits as brief as they may be. Much appreciation Marlo for being such a nice young lady!

Cheers to Peter Smith! You put in so many hours and accomplished so much quietly “behind the scenes” – you are such a credit to this community, Valley and the Fairmont Business Association – many many Cheers to you!

Big Cheers to Flats Fest, such a fun time and great entertainment. Hats off to organizer Craig Moritz, his helpers, and many sponsors. This event truly showcased Canal Flats!

Cheers to Dustin at Rigid Plumbing, who answered our emergency call when our septic alarm went off. He rolled up his sleeves and got to work assessing the problem. Called an electrician to help him out and got our septic system back up and running in no time. We are so impressed with the way he handled our call and grateful that he figured out the problem and fixed it so efficiently. Much appreciation from the bottom of our hearts!

Jeers to the homeowners or (rental companies) from Timber Ridge who tell their Alberta renters to leave their garbage in the private bins at Black Forest heights.

BIG CHEERS to Fairmont Subway for making 18 platters for the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Team Appreciation Lunch!

Cheers to the woman in the white van on Wednesday who stopped at the intersection and asked a bunch of teenagers not to play in the flowers. She explained that a lot of work goes in to these displays. And they are there for everyone to enjoy.

BIG CHEERS to Farside Inn for making 30 pizzas for the Fairmont Hot Springs Team Appreciation Lunch!

Huge Cheers to the creative Kim at Villa Skein for the perfect solution to my office decor dilemma. Guess things were meant to happen that way…

Cheers to the RDEK and Radium Council visionaries who spared no expense to pave paradise and put up a porta-pottie AND a parking lot on the old canoe landing. (And they even replaced that with a concrete climbing wall!)

Cheers to my Amazing Husband of almost 12 years for working so hard for us. We love spending summers in the valley and appreciate all you do, each day to allow us such a privilege. We love you!

Cheers and much gratitude to the kind-hearted paddle boarder who plucked our fur kid out of the lake and onto his board, bringing him safely ashore. Also big Cheers to the brave swimmers, Tristan and Dayton, who jumped into help and retrieved the frisbee.

Cheers to A/Z Mountain Adventure trail rides and their great staff!

Cheers to Lydia S for donating Art to Columbia House.

Cheers for Susan at Valley Hairstyling. Lop off 15 pounds of hair and feel lightheaded, fewer headaches, and a whole new look!

MASSIVE CHEERS to Angela M., The Pioneer Staff, and Village Arts for their honesty and help in reuniting me with the pair of wool mitts I had just purchased as a Christmas gift and then absent-mindedly left in the public washroom in Invermere. It might seem like nothing major to you all, but it meant the world to me. I super appreciate your honesty and dedication to helping them find their way back to me! I can’t wait to pick them up next time I am there. We have been coming there for 9 years now, almost twice a month, and have met so many wonderful people in the Valley. This is icing on the cake and proves what a wonderful community you have.

CHEERS to my reliable, loyal and dependable staff at the Bistro for another amazing summer. So proud of our Business Awards! You are the best “work family” I could ever ask for! Watch for your end of summer bonuses!

Cheers & Jeers

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