Cheers & Jeers July 18th

Highs and lows in the Valley this week

Cheers to Tao with Parks Canada! You really helped us out and made our trip out to the mountains so perfect!

A great big Cheers to Mike, Arly and the staff at Walkers Auto repair. They went above and beyond to get my pickup repaired so I could leave as scheduled and got warranty on prematurely failed parts from a Calgary installer. I wouldn’t go anywhere else now.

Jeers to me for complaining about the tow planes and gliders last week. I’m beginning to realize that other people are out enjoying their lives as well as me and we all have a right to our fun! Have a great summer adventurous Invermere!

Cheers to our super awesome camping crew. Premier Lake was epic! Until the next one…

Cheers to my wife Lindsey for jumping in the Radium pool on the weekend to rescue a young swimmer who was struggling. Grateful for her watchful eye! Extra Cheers to her mom who cheered her on!

Jeers to owners that turned their long-term housing rentals into Airbnb rentals. There are very few long-term rentals left, especially affordable ones. Owners please think of the people working hard in this community that love living here but are in desperate housing situations, we need housing!

Jeers to the dog walkers that cut in front of an emergency vehicle trying to get to the Hospital. Jeers to everyone that won’t pull over for flashing lights, it’s the law. You should have to take your driver’s exam again.

Cheers to the Glider pilot that preformed some amazing acrobatics buzzing mount swansea on the 11th. You turned an awesome hike into a spectacular one.

Cheers” to the Friends of the Library for hosting a fabulous Big Book Sale once again. To all of the volunteers who assisted with the planning, book displays and those who also cleaned up after the very successful event – “à votre santé”. “Euge” to all of the purchasers who went home with treasures. “Skal” to everyone who supports municipal and public libraries. Happy reading!

Huge Cheers to Kayja Becker for keeping United Dance alive.

Giant Cheers to Canfor for the beautiful lumber they donated, to Home Hardware for the material donation and to Bobby Wright D.T.S.S. wood class for building the fantastic panels to complete an enchanting theme for the 2019 Prom.

Cheers to the DOI for the color and content of the community sign.

A great big appreciated Cheers to everyone who gives me compliments on what I do and when I walk through town also on my fashion in clothing. It makes my day. Be happy I am still able to get around on my own.

Cheers to Summit Trail Makers Society and all the volunteers who did such a great maintenance job on the trails so the rest of us can enjoy the beauty of the mountains. Be sure to check out their Facebook page and website.

Cheers & Jeers

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