Cheers & Jeers July 25th

Highs and lows in the Valley this week

Cheers to the Invermere Soaring Centre and the Canadian Rockies Soaring Club for providing scholarships and sponsoring young students who want to become glider pilots. They do this every summer at the Invermere Airport.

Cheers to Trevor for investing a big wad of cash on an upgraded exhaust system for his Pawnee tow plane. Significantly reducing noise while towing gliders over the Invermere Airport.

Cheers to Margaret Radermacher my very special Chiropractor. You are truly the best.

Cheers to Sylvia Walkers family for the generous donation of yarn to our Happy Hands group. It will be put to good use helping others.

Cheers to Invermere Soaring Center and the Canadian Rockies Soaring Club for having passion to experience the joy of soaring over our beautiful mountains without engine power.

Cheers to Jessie McKerchie for being such a kind, caring home care nurse. Your bedside manner is exceptional, and you have a very comforting way with your patients. We are very lucky to have you in our community.

Cheers to Jim Harrison for being so prompt and professional when completing work in our house. You return phone calls, complete the work when promised and cleanup when the work is done. First class!

Cheers or Jeers. Not sure…. for the gentleman who is not happy with our Drum group at Pynelogs. That’s not good, our drumming is meant to create community and connections. There is a complimentary ticket at Monday night group, with a sincere invitation to come join us. You are welcome to come, or give the ticket to another; come experience who we are and our delight in drumming.

Cheers to all those strangers, paramedics, nurses and doctors who took care of me after I was hit by a vehicle in the crosswalk by Sobeys on July 6th. I greatly appreciate your attention and kindness at that time.

Cheers to Keara at the Library. She’s always a smiling face right as you walk in and is so willing to help. We have wonderful people in our Valley!

Cheers to everyone in the Valley who helped make our wedding day so special! Randy and the team at Edibles Catering, Winderberry Farm for the beautiful planters, Michele Neider, Ryan Murton, David Gulbe, Darryl, Brian at Red Eye, and the neighbours of Baltac and Timber Ridge!

Cheers to the RCMP Officer that pulled over her car, in front of Gerry’s Gelati, to show her car to about 8 young girls. She showed them, among other things, how all the sounds and lights worked and let them sit inside. These girls will grow up with a great deal of respect for the officers that keep our streets safe.

Jeers to the person who stole the street signs that tell drivers to slow down on Lakeview Drive. These signs are there for a reason: to protect our children, our pets, and all other pedestrians that walk along this road. Speeding in residential areas is already selfish, disrespectful and a danger to the public, no matter who you are, how much money you make and what car you drive. But stealing someone’s property on top of that is just pathetic.

Cheers to Crisanna! In the many years I’ve known you, you’ve always had such a terrific, positive attitude. I hope everyone has read your letter to the editors in the July 18th paper and some of that attitude rubs off. The world needs more Crisanna!

Cheers to the 45 volunteers who came out for the Rushmere FireSmart work day this past Saturday. You worked through the rain and cut, slashed and disposed of three large bins of wood waste material. Your effort made Rushmere a safer place from the threat of wildfire and you have assured that Rushmere will keep its FireSmart Community status, first earned in 2015, again in 2019. Great work and great neighbours.

Mountains of Cheers to my friend, T. Your commitment to others is humbling and inspiring. As mother, wife, auntie, firefighter, community activist, and friend you rock! We are so fortunate to have you in our lives.

Cheers & Jeers

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