Dear Editor:

NIMBY, NIMBY, NIMBY is all we hear from the majority of letter writers. After the reaction to the completely neutral and accurate article by Kelsey Verboom from February 25th, I must respond.

My wife Pam and I started out pretty neutral to the Jumbo proposal, but after listening to the constant misinformation and vitriolic attacks by the opposition, we are completely for it, as are the majority of business owners we know. I hope everyone notices the overwhelming vast majority of loud voices of opposition are all retired, or receive a pay cheque from someone else. If you are retired, and have your place in the sun do the world a favour and get off your soapbox! You are only one person, with one vote! Let someone else try to earn a living and create jobs for everyone else.

With Jumbos placement adjacent to another ski area, in an area with over 100 years of commercial use and the highest glacier, it is just a no-brainer. Were lucky there werent many retired people here when they started Panorama! They give 500 jobs to the economy, many full-time.

Jumbo has consistently passed the most stringent controls every put on a ski development in the world. There wouldnt be a golf course or ski area anywhere without some land sales to help support the project. Invermere actually has very little to do with the proposed resort. If you want a cause, how about following the European Alps models and keep helicopters and ski-doos out of the backcountry!

This is my third or fourth letter in 40 years; how about some of you follow that ratio.

John and Pam Nairn