Dear Editor:

Recently I had the great pleasure of fundraising within our community. Now, I know what youre thinking: Going from business to business, asking for donations in the worst recession most of us can remember? I would rather shave off my eyebrows.

A month ago, I would have agreed with you.

My experience was a lovely surprise. The kindness and generosity of our local business owners was overwhelming! They supported the Windermere Valley Childcare Societys Family Fun Dance with gratifying enthusiasm.

My family owns a business in Invermere, and we are asked for donations from every group you can possibly imagine, constantly. Every week, sometimes every day. Be they local, national or even international. And no matter how much you may want to, there arent the resources to support them all, especially now.

I knew just what I was asking of these business owners, and I was honestly shocked by their munificence.

We all pride ourselves on the close ties of our community. The people of this valley can pull together in times of crisis and accomplish the impossible.

There is a community crisis happening under our noses. We need to shop local! Lets keep our consumer dollars in this valley where they belong.

Sarah Lapointe