Big changes are afoot at Panorama Mountain Resort, with Panorama hiring a Vancouver-based resort planning company to refresh the local resort’s master plan.

The update, which will be led by Replay Resorts Inc., will iron out a vision for the future encompassing new real estate developments and changes for the village base area.

Panorama chief executive officer Steve Paccagnan told the Pioneer that during his four years at the helm of the resort there has been considerable investment into its core product (enhancing and improving guest experiences in both the summer and winter) as well as extensive rebranding and repositioning efforts, and that “the next natural thing for us to do is envision the future of real estate, the village and the surrounding land.”

Mr. Paccagnan pointed out that the last update to the resort master plan was nearly two decades ago, in 1998 and 1999.

“A lot has changed, so it’s time for a refresh of the overall result development plan. It makes a lot of sense to do this with a group of people that have history with and knowledge of the area,” he said.

Several key members of Replay Resorts were formerly part of Intrawest Resort Holdings Inc. during the time that company owned Panorama.

“We’re looking at all the developable lands that we own, that have not yet had any development on them, and taking the old plans and refreshing them,” said Mr. Paccagnan.

Although much of the planning is still at the high-level ideas stage, and Panorama does not yet know how many new accommodation units might be envisioned in the updated master plan, there are certainly some ideas about what the refresh might entail.

“We feel there is a demand and a need for full-service hotels,” said Mr. Paccagnan, pointing out that there are a lot of condominium-style accommodation options in Panorama, but not an abundance of full service hotels.

“We do have the Pine Inn, which dates back to the 1970s, and it’s got great history and has served the resort well, but we do feel it’s time to refresh our hotel offerings,” he said.

Other ideas being bandied about include smaller mountain resort style homes (“mountain homes, for sure, but with a smaller footprint, appealing to the millennial demographic market,” said Mr. Paccagnan); town homes; and some single family lots. In terms of the village base area, ideas that may be looked at include how best to create a pedestrian friendly village area; what kind of amenities (more commercial space, a bakery, stores, cafes, spas, a fitness centre, etc.) that should include; and were to locate these.

“Having this vision builds confidence into the resort as a whole,” said Mr. Paccagnan.

Mr. Paccagnan added that the resort will continue to develop and improves its core product even as it updates its master plan.