In a breakthrough for sustainable living, a remarkably super efficient home located at 1918 Park Drive in  Windermere has emerged as a shining example of energy-conscious design and green living. 

With an outstanding EnerGuide rating of 46 Gigajoules per year (GJ/yr) this state-of-the-art residence is setting a new standard for environmentally friendly homes in the area.

The EnerGuide rating system, administered by Natural Resources Canada, provides homeowners with valuable insights into the energy efficiency of their properties. By adhering to rigorous construction standards and utilizing cutting-edge technologies, the original owners achieved an impressive rating, further reinforcing their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint and minimizing energy consumption. 

To put the EnerGuide rating number in perspective, a typical new home built today in the Windermere area uses 124 GJ/yr of power, whereas this home uses 67 GJ/yr. With the additional energy savings produced by the home’s solar array, that number is further reduced to 47 GJ/yr of power. Nate Sereda, certified energy advisor with EnergyAdvise, completed the energy assessment test on the home and is particularly impressed with its air tightness; it is close to 60 per cent better than what is required of a new home in today’s building code.

Additionally, the home boasts a long list of features specifically designed to maximize energy efficiency without compromising comfort: a unique envelope construction, high efficiency furnace, heat pump, and a heat recovery ventilator. 

The home’s integrated solar array also harnesses the abundant sunlight. This provides a clean and sustainable energy source, reducing reliance on conventional power grids and decreasing the home’s overall environmental footprint. 

The impact of this energy-conscious home extends beyond its immediate environment. By minimizing energy usage and embracing renewable energy sources, the owners have taken a significant step toward combating climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This home truly demonstrates how practical and comfortable sustainable living can be. 

As sustainable living continues to gain prominence, 1918 Park Drive exemplifies the future of residential construction. With its innovative building design and commitment to sustainability, it sets an exciting precedent for eco-conscious homeowners and aspiring builders. 

Collective Carpentry has been building homes in the Windermere area using similar eco-friendly design techniques for several years. Rane Wardwell, Collective Carpentry’s CFO and head of production and installation, says of this home, “It’s a move in the right direction for energy efficiency and that means using less energy, which is  good for the electrical (building) grid and the environment. In addition, the customer gets a more comfortable and resilient home with lower operational costs.”

As BC approaches the requirement for new homes to be net zero ready by 2032, this Park Drive home is an example for all to follow.