WEATHERED The signs for Marble Canyon (top) and the Simpson River (bottom).

Dear Editor:

Regarding Joshua Estabrooks article in the June 15th edition about the opportunity to contribute suggestions about upgrades for Kootenay National Park:

Our family like many others, are big users and supporters of our national parks. We especially visit and travel a lot through the Banff, Kootenay and Jasper parks.

I have no problem with paying our annual park pass and somehow assumed it was to keep the parks maintained. We are proud when our international friends visit us and comment on our wonderful parks.

The problem I have is the deterioration of the entrance gates and especially the road signs. I do express that concern every year when we renew our park pass only to be told, We are working on it.

It is embarrassing for all of us to have our visitors see these signs that show up on their maps but arent even legible when you see them along the highway.

Im not sure what more to do to bring this to someones attention and hope public pressure can get some action. Hence this note to you. I did take some pictures to show some examples these are only on a section of Highway 93 between Simpson Crossing and Castle Mountain junction. This is only about a 60-kilometre stretch and only the eastbound signs.

Denis Flanagan, Calgary