Dear Editor:

As regular visitors who have been coming out to the valley for over four years, this note is long overdue. For a long time we have wanted to say congratulations for publishing a superb newspaper.

Picking up a copy of the latest edition of The Pioneer is one of the first things we do as soon as we arrive at our Radium home and we thoroughly enjoy each issue. The writing, layout, print and pictures are superb. The historical articles and accompanying photos are great and there is always something of interest that we feel we needed to know.

The highlight, most weeks, is the article written by Staff Sgt. Marko Shehovac. The man has a way with words and has the earmarks of a great storyteller and writer. If he is not writing a book about his many experiences as an RCMP officer, he certainly should be. We laugh out loud at many of his stories and our friends and family, who also read The Pioneer, regularly comment on how much they enjoy the newspaper and Staff Sgt. Shehovacs stories.

We love the newspaper so much that we often take copies back home to Sherwood Park, Alta. and we pass them to friends and family. Keep up the good work!

Wayne and Pamela Dawn Schafer

Radium Hot Springs