By Dorothy Isted

Special to The Pioneer

Teresa Clark had been wanting to move to the Columbia Valley for ten years and it finally worked out in 2014. Having worked as a hairdresser for30 years in Black Diamond, Alberta and been very involved in that small town, it was only natural that she decided to do something for her new community.

She and her partner Johnny are renting the old Windy Caf premises and running it currently as a hairdressing salon, Wind in Your Hair, and an antique store called Treasures in the Wind.

While Johnny works elsewhere, Teresa said it can get hectic while she is doing hair and trying to help customers and plans on hiring an employee sometime next year.

It is a place where there is something for everyone, from clothing to jewellery, vintage records to brass pieces displayed in 2000 square feet (185 square metres) of store space.

While renovating and coming across old wallpaper in the building, which is more than a hundred years old, Teresa found it kind of spooky and came up with the idea to have a haunted house in October. Running it on Friday evenings so far in October, more than 100 people have come through.

The reaction from the community so far has been pretty good, Teresa said.

You get people coming in looking for the restaurant. I think a lot of the locals are happy we did something with the building and are trying to improve it, she added.

Teresa has raised her seven-year old grandson since he was two and he goes to Little Badgers Early Learning Program. They are trying to build a playground so Teresa is requesting cash donations for Little Badgers or food donations for the food bank from those who tour the haunted house.

Theres nothing gory or bloody, or jumping out at you, she said, just scary music coming from upstairs, me as a witch, Johnny a skeleton, a butler with a bird on his shoulder who speaks to you

Visitors have commented on the amount of work they went to and they are saying that kids have been pretty thrilled with it.

Candy eyeballs and bones are on the scene, bats are present and there are floating lights and fog.

This is the last weekend to enjoy the antics at Treasures in the Wind, which runs from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Friday October 30th and on Saturday October 31st from noon to 9 p.m.