Dear Editor:

Patagonia Inc. of America wants to have it both ways. They make personal and corporate fortunes selling gear and clothing by promoting their products for carbon-driven ego-fuelled intrusions into the worlds wild places, but also want us to see them as Saviors of the Wild!

Patagonia Inc. is trying to convince us that their multinational third-world exploitation of labour, and use of oil products and chemicals, are OK because they launder their guilt by spending a portion of their millions in profits on environmentalism.

You too can SAVE THE PLANET by buying overpriced greenwashed Patagonia Inc. clothing and gear!

At the risk of sounding like someone afraid to take a rational viewpoint for fear of sounding illiberal, I do not support Patagonia Inc.s latest corporate ideology titled, New Localism.

Under Mr. Coles guidance, Patagonias ideology de jour has brought about such a grandiose sense of self-entitlement that they feel free to meddle in our domestic land use planning outcomes. I resent Mr. Coles veiled threats that Patagonia Inc.s efforts to SAVE JUMBO will be ramped-up and take all kinds of forms (The Pioneer, December 4th, 2015) and that they want to move us past the position of lets stop the development and define what the future of Jumbo could look like.

About 16 per cent of the land base in the East Kootenay was protected through provincial planning processes; national and regional parks contribute additional amounts.

It is well-documented that low elevation valley habitat is by far the most underrepresented habitat in our Protected Areas Strategy.

How I or other Canadians may feel about land use planning outcomes is not the point of this letter; putting the spotlight on an arrogant foreign-owned corporation laundering their guilt by meddling in our domestic issues in order to greenwash their products is. Boycott Patagonia Inc.!

Peter Christensen

Radium Hot Springs