Dear Editor:

On the recent motion passed by our federal government, M103, which is touted as an anti-Islamophobia motion, 201 MPs voted in favour of this motion including our Member of Parliament (Wayne Stetksi). What is the definition of this motion besides a phobia or a type of fear/dislike?

Apparently, the federal governments objective next is to have a whole taskforce on studying Islamophobia and developing an approach to eliminating it. What is next Christianophobia, Judeophobia, Francophobia, xenophobia, or countless other phobias? What agenda of a few people in 35 million Canadians even brought this motion to parliament?

This motion raises a big governmentophobia in me when our Charter of Rights and Freedoms where we are all supposedly equal is so easily disregarded.

Every individual – not a belief system or ideology – is equal. Muslims should not get special treatment or protections. Where is freedom of speech? Where were the conversations with communities? Why wasnt our Prime Minister and several cabinet ministers not even present for such an important vote? Dont we look to our top leaders to uphold the Charter instead of telling us how we should think?

Government is supposed to keep church and state separate, or, at least are trying hard to keep traditional Christian practices out and yet they supported Islam with this vote.

Several questions have been raised about Muslims for me. Muslims seem to be upset that we criticize all of them when outrageously violent acts are committed in the name of Allah. Why are their own members not rising up against their violent perpetrators who walk among them? Or are they inherently condoning violence?

In North America, for one, our constitutions value peace, equality among all citizens. Our soldiers over time fought valiantly to uphold these values. Is this the big elephant in the room that nobody talks about because this hasnt impacted our lives directly or its just another harmless religious choice?

Let our MP Wayne Stetski know your thoughts. It is important.

Iris Meehan