Dear Editor:

(Re: Historical Lens, July 31st Pioneer in which the photographer was identified as Dorothy Barbour) Marguerite Anne Kreutter Barbour, wife to John Smith(Jack)Barbour, more than likely was the photographer. They had four sons: John Edward (born 1903), James Albert (b. 1905), Henry Theodore (b. 1907), and George Gilbert Grey (b. 1909). All were born in Wilmer, B.C. Dorothy Barbour was a daughter to James Albert. Shewas born in 1929. The Barbour family arrived in Wilmer in 1901.

Aunt Dorothy donated copies of our family pictures to the Windermere Valley Museum in the 1970s; that is why her name was attached.

Ellen Bellamy

Carbon, Alta.

Editors note: Anyone interested in contacting Ms. Bellamy to learn more about the Barbour family history is asked to email her at ellenbellamy@live.ca.