Dear Editor:

In the June 3rd issue of The Pioneer, my husband and I were the recipients of a Cheers note written by a person who passionately embodies and inspires the thoughtfulness and community supporting selflessness she credited us with.

Her acknowledgement of our own small acts instantly reminded me of the importance of paying homage to and cheering those we meet for all they do in making our own lives in our remarkable community so delightful and amazing.

Past issues of the Pioneer list a wonderfully disproportionate number of Cheers versus Jeers and reflect tributes to great works by so many people in the Columbia Valley who we are honoured to call neighbours.

Celebrating best efforts and those who demonstrate them gives us the opportunity to create a balance against the newspaper coverage of issues and sensational events that instill negative reaction and dissatisfaction with our state of being.

If you have not done so before, send a Cheers to someone whose positive energy and kindness puts a smile on your face. Gratitude creates joy pass it on. And to Lori, thanks for lighting the way in that starlit sky!

Yolande Dolman