Trevor Roskewich & Serina Echevarria

Trevor Roskewich & Serina Echevarria

By Dan Walton

Pioneer Staff

Frequent readers of The Pioneer often find enjoyment in the Cheers & Jeers section of the classifieds, where the public is welcome to express their joys and frustrations about life.

The Cheers & Jeers often feature social praises, tongue-in-cheek complaints, and a lot of pet peeves. Last week, one of the submitted Cheers may have left the single women in the valley feeling envious.

Part-time Windermere resident Serina Echevarrias favourite section of The Pioneer is the Cheers & Jeers, said her boyfriend Trevor Roskewich. So when he decided to ask his girlfriend of four years for her hand in marriage, he prepared his proposal and made a Cheers submission to The Pioneer for the August 9th edition.

Cheers to my Dove, partner in life, read Trevors Cheers. Bound together by love, but not yet a wife. For each a new start, version two. You have my heart, old wounds adieu. How happy well be, together forever. Dearest Serina, will you marry me?

Trevor followed up his August 9th submission with another Cheers, which can be found in this weeks issue: Cheers to her saying YES!

I left (The Pioneer) for her to read and told her she might want to go check that section, he said about his proposal.

Trevor penned the poem himself and the proposal was discovered by his wife-to-be while Serinas mother was visiting from Manhattan. The happy couple plan to book their wedding at some point during autumn, ideally in a mountain setting.