Dear Editor:

I am writing to congratulate Eric Elliot on his article Dumb and Dumber on the Perspective page of The Pioneer in the Friday, December 9th issue. I, too, filled in the survey but could not believe how largely unrelated to what they were supposedly wanting input on the questions were. It rephrased and asked the same questions time and again. Towards the end of the survey, where one was given only two choices and no other and no room anywhere to explain or clarify why one chose a particular answer, I became quite frustrated. The survey did not allow one to skip a page where neither answer was relevant.

In my opinion, you would be doing Canadians a great service if you sent your article to Justin Trudeau and Maryam Monsef and anyone else in the Liberal caucus who may have had something to do with that flawed survey. I expect Wayne Stetski will have read it, but a copy for his records may be helpful. In fact, if you can have your article printed in other Canadians newspapers, it may get Canadians thinking.

Lynn Askey