Dear Editor:

In your August 24th issue, you printed a letter from Cheryl Willard of the Kootenay Snowsports Society. It is obvious from her letter that Ms. Willard and her society are totally against a recreational backcountry management plan of any kind for the Invermere area.

That is regrettable because the mountains make up one of British Columbias greatest assets and must be protected from degradation.

Ms. Willard also stated in her letter that some backcountry enthusiasts in the Golden area have described the Golden area management plan as a travesty. I have serious concerns about that statement so I tracked down Darcy Monchak, who was the government-appointed chairperson and facilitator of the process that led to the creation of the plan.

He was completely surprised by Ms. Willards travesty statement. He said that he was unaware of any specific complaints. I think that because Ms. Willards statement is so inflammatory she should name these backcountry enthusiasts and give us their specific reasons why they think the Golden area plan is a travesty.

Jim Galloway