Dear Editor:

The dust has barely settled on our federal election, and already rumours are circulating about Kootenay-Columbias MP-elect Stetski.

Mr. Stetski has made it no secret of his close relationship with the Trudeau family, particularly our Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau. It has also been stated in the media that Mr. Stetski was invited by both the Liberal and the NDP to represent them in federal election. As we all know, Mr Stetski chose to run under NDP/Muclair banner.

Rumours have surfaced of Mr. Stetskis intention to cross the floor of the House of Commons to join the governing Liberal party and sit as a member of the Liberal caucus.

This rumour is concerning to me, as an elector and constituent of the Kootenay-Columbia riding. Should it be true, this would be an ultimate betrayal of the loyal supporters of Mr. Muclair and the NDP party who were responsible for placing Mr. Stetski in this privileged position of representing the people of the riding. And also I put the question to Mr. Stetski, to allow him topublicly put this matter to rest. Can you please clear the air and assure your constituents that you intend to represent them, as elected, as a member of the NDP party? To do otherwise would suggest that your representation under the NDP banner was simply a calculated manoeuvre to get elected, knowing that to run as a Liberal in this riding offers virtually no chance of being elected.

Igor Gallyamov