Dear Editor:

I have to say that I am tired of hearing people talking so poorly of our RCMP. You know the reason that you do so is because you have had encounters with them. In all honesty if you werent doing something wrong in the first place then you would not have had an issue.

The worst part is when you are in trouble, who are the first people you call? Not Ghostbusters, thats for sure! So why cant our local heroes start getting some of the praise that they deserve?

Also to all those people who think they own the road: classic car or not, the flashing lights that you see behind you are not there just to look pretty or to be a nuisance; it means pull over and get out of the way.

Failing to do so could cost someone their life. It is time for people to start thinking of others and not just about themselves.

I ask one thing of all of those who take the time to read this blurb of mine. The next time you see an officer walking down the street, instead of referring them with whatever slang word you may have for them or telling your child that cops are bad people, walk up to the officer shake his or her hand and thank him for being our local hero.

It is because of them that you have such a wonderful place to raise your child.

Tabatha Mercer